Shown here is a minimum quantity dosage
with dosage quantities of < 0.02ml per dosing pulse. Reproducibility +/- 2%.
Used measuring device MIB Flowmax 42i, nominal diameter DN 05, measuring range 1-180l/h
(with continuous flow)
Measuring instrument has special factory settings!

Flowmax 42i – Volume difference measurement

On display is a painting station for short-term dosing with Flowmax 42i before/after the spray nozzle.
The quantity of liquid, in this case water-based paint, is measured. (Solvent-based lacquer is also possible with the device version for ATEX Zone 1 / 2)
With two Flowmax 42i DN 05 the volume quantity is measured and output under highly dynamic conditions before / after the spray nozzle.
The difference calculation in the control system (PLC) provides the volume quantity actually taken from the ring line from each individual spray nozzle.
The hydraulic pulsations of the liquid in the hoses are very high due to the diaphragm pumps and the valves.

As a result, the following data is available for further processing in the company:

  • Process control (liquid volume quantity according to the specifications, is the remaining quantity in the storage tank sufficient for the next series)
  • Quality control (sufficient paint applied to the individual component or gas/foam, the right medium used)
  • Logistics (inventory management can be optimized in the form of the total purchase quantity)

FM400i Multifunctional measuring device for process basin management

Shown is the determination of the sound propagation time of individual liquids in the chemical supply of an electroplating plant for the production of printed circuit boards.
The measured values are used for process control and warehouse logistics (inventory control). Among other things, the customer uses them to control his chemical procurement and stockpiling.

As a result, the Flowmax 400i makes the following data available for further processing in the company:

Volume quantity dosed to the process basin
Empty pipe monitoring of the pipes to the process basins (storage tank empty, pipe damaged, pump sucks in air…)
Medium Control by monitoring the sound propagation time and evaluation of the limit values by the controller. (is the correct chemical/the correct storage tank connected?)

Detectable function of the pulsation damper