Customer satisfaction

Company Chemflow – dosing technology

We received a nice order to build a set of dosing cabinets with Grundfos DDa pumps. We used flowmeters from MIB, the Flowmax 42i, in these cabinets. These flowmeters are chemical-resistant and measure extremely accurately even at very low pulsating flows. Measuring = knowing.

Company Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG

Dear Mr. Deutscher,

With this official letter I am pleased to confirm that I am very satisfied with the use of the Flowmax42i in our pump test bench. Since 2017, the sensor is measuring reliably and without failures the flow volume of our pumps and transmits this value to our superior PLC. In order to expand our test system for the future, I will integrate another Flowmax42i into the system and I am sure that I have made the right decision with this sensor.

Company 42 GmbH

We have unanimously the opinion that with MIB GmbH you we have a loyal and reliable partner at our side. With the Flowmax 30S we have absolutely reliable flow meters for our computer controlled dispensing systems, which we can adapt to the most different situations. The most important reason for us is however the high stability of the Flowmax in our installations. So far we have not been able to register a device-related failure. In turn we get thanks of the caterers, who are depending on functioning dispensing systems.
Thank you for that and so on!


Company MPT Meß- und Prozeßtechnik GmbH

MPT Meß- und Prozeßtechnik GmbH stands for high-quality, economical and safe products and an excellent service in customer care. From the pump to the large plant – we offer the complete product range in chemical dosing, mixing technology and measurement and control.
The high quality and reliability of the MIB Flowmax units resulted in very good synergies. This has resulted in several years of continuous cooperation.

Fa. EM-Technik GmbH

In order to be able to record exact flow characteristics for our products, we decided a few weeks ago to implement a corresponding test stand which determines these by means of the medium water. The aim of the test stand is to provide reproducible results to support the quality assurance of our production. Furthermore, it should enable an exact documentation of the delivered goods.
Since we have had a successful business relationship with the company “MIB GmbH Messtechnik und Industrieberatung” for a long time, and since we are convinced of the quality of their products, we chose the “Flowmax 42i” with a measuring range between 0.3-24 l/h for the flow meter. It fulfils all our requirements with regard to evaluation, measuring range and the display option via the integrated display.
I am pleased to inform you that we have already been able to successfully carry out the first tests with small series.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the good cooperation with you and your company, as well as for the successful product “Flowmax 42i”, and I look forward to a continued good business relationship.