Flowmax 242i – Single-Use suitable

Flowmax 242i is a flow meter calculating the volume flow of liquids. Based on the ultrasonic technology Flowmax 242i is able to measure conductive and non-conductive liquids contactfree. Flowmax has no moving parts and is absolutely free of  wear. The design of the pipe minimizes dead space over the whole geometry.
All wetted parts are made of PELD. It has the USP Class VI approval and is resistant to gamma irradiation and is suitable for single-use applications.
Due to its technical properties Flowmax is able to measure all kinds of liquids like: demineralized-Water, Bio-processing liquids, Cosmetics, liquid food, and also aggressive media. Flowmax is characterized by its high response time, measurement accuracy and repeatability. Empty pipe detection is integrated. The calculated flow is provided with a response rate of a few milliseconds on the outputs.
Flowmax 242i is suitable for operation with piston diaphragm and peristaltic pumps. Thus even lower flow rates can be measured for pulsating flow.
The measuring system Flowmax 242i consists of a calibrated measuring pipe (Flowmax 242iM) and evaluation unit (Flowmax  242iE) incl. 2m cable.
The calibration data of the measuring pipe is deposited in the measuring pipe. After coupling, it will automatically be transferred from the measuring pipe to the electronics, so that the evaluation unit can access the calibration data associated with the measuring pipe. This ensures that the evaluation is always working with the correct measuring pipe data.


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