MIB GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes measuring industrie 300 1instruments and system solutions.
The MIB ultrasonic flowmeters “Flowmax” set the standard worldwide for extremely fast volume dosing and batching.
• Exact control of dynamic processes
• Exact replenishment of chemicals in process tanks (spiking)
• Recording consumption quantities and controlling of formulas for first fills (baths management)
• Volumeter for dosing and batching systems with free pipe cross-section
• Recording consumption quantities and controlling is possible in parallel to autarkic process control via the communication interface
• Excellent repeatability of measured values
• Measurement of non-conductive and conductive liquids
• Integrated empty pipe and limit value monitoring
Food Industry, Water/Wastewater Treatment, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical / Medical Industry, Machinery and Plant Engineering:
When detecting chemicals and water in both continuous and discontinuous processes
Coolant monitoring, dosing of flavorings and/or additives/precipitants
Device recommendation
Flowmax 42i, Flowmax 44i