Flowcon 200i

MIB GmbH - Ultrasonic Flowmeter Flowcon 200i

FlowCon is an external display- and programming unit for use in combination with Flowmax ultrasonic flowmeters. FlowCon can be permanently installed as a separate display for Flowmax. Alternatively FlowCon serves as a mobile unit for commissioning or for service to service of flowmax in the field. Preferably, if the installed Flowmax are difficult to reach or do not own a display. The configured Flowmax outputs retain their full functionality by using FlowCon. The output signals, e.g. analog, pulse or alarm output, are available for further processing by external systems such as PLCs, recorders or external counting units. The display of FlowCon is illuminated background and offers in addition to the current counter and the current flow in the Flowmax also the visualization of possible errors that are detected by Flowmax.

All the functions available in Flowmax as scale value for the analog output, pulse value, internal counter reset, etc. can be changed via the keypad in Flowmax. By using the supplied plug power supply and the Y/T-plug the device combination FlowCon / Flowmax can be operated independently from the power supply of the plant.