Installations examples – Industrial applications

The picture shows a classic example of a chemical cabinet for wastewater treatment.
Here, the best components and functionally reliable as well as modern engineering services are combined.

Flowmax 42i with digital display for on-site control of the flow rate, analog and pulse output for measured value processing via the PLC up to remote maintenance and remote monitoring of the plant. The high sampling rate of the flow rate measurement of the Flowmax flowmeters enables a reproducible, high measuring accuracy, in case of intermittent delivery by e.g. motor-driven diaphragm pumps.
Different housing materials of the Flowmax such as PEHD, PP or PFA (Teflon) allow the use with a wide range of chemicals.
Since 2022 Flowmax 42i are also available with EX-Zone 1
approval. This authorizes the use of the measuring devices in combination with potentially explosive media or in the corresponding installation environment.




View into a production plant component for the manufacture of solar cells.
Installed are Flowmax 54i for DI water dosing and Flowmax 42i for HF dosing in the process.