Volume flow measurement of liquids with ultrasound

Flowmax ultrasonic flowmeters are well suited for measuring very dynamic processes in tubes and pipes. Flowmax is suitable for measuring liquids and it is used for:
• Chemicals supply for controlling, logistics, monitoring
• Cooling circuits, for monitoring
• Process equipment for control and monitoring of formulas
• Valve control for continuous release of liquid volumes
• DI water supply
• Very dynamic processes with dosing times of less than 1 sec
Our flowmeters are characterized by the following features and benefits:

• Contactless flow measurement technology
• No moving parts and thus no wear
• Free pipe cross-section
• Low maintenance
• High repeatability
• Easy to clean
• Tamper resistance
• Compact design
• Integrated empty pipe detection
• Integrated dosing function with preselection and correction quantity
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Precise measurement results